Where to buy and sell Bitcoin?

If you don’t know where to buy and sell Bitcoin, there are currently four established ways, which will surely increase the adoption of Bitcoin and popularize it even more, both by the incorporation of new users and traders to accept it, as for the development of new applications based on this technology. The places where to buy and sell Bitcoin are 1. Exchange houses, 2.) between people 3.) ATMs and 4.) Physical stores or kiosks.

1 – Exchange houses: 

 The most used place where to buy and sell bitcoin today is through exchange houses, which are online companies specializing in the sale of Cryptocurrency. The sale in these can be made with by other Cryptocurrency or trust money (USD, EUR, JPY, among others) to the customer’s liking.

To buy and sell bitcoins in this place, the user signs up on the website of his preference and enter the data that the platform requires to begin to operate. These data can go from full name, email and residence address, to phone number, passport, and bank statements.

Exchange houses charge a commission per transaction of purchase or sale and another by transfer of funds to the client’s bank account, in case of sale of Bitcoin for trust money. As the commissions vary between exchange houses, the user must be careful to minimize these costs but looking for an adequate level of security in the chosen option.

2 – P2P:

This second form to buy and sell bitcoins is direct to people nearby, or simply known from the Internet with whom he has decided to exchange currency. To make this exchange between this people, both should have only their respective Bitcoin purses and bank accounts, in case of an exchange for trust money.

3 – ATMs:

 Many places around the world have installed automatic cashiers or ATMs where to buy and sell bitcoins, (BTMs). Depending on the type of cashier, you can buy or also sell bitcoins through it.

To use a cashier, the user needs a Cryptocurrency portfolio on any device. When you do a purchase, the user will present the QR code of his portfolio to the reader of the cashier, give the money you want to use in the purchase, verify the amount of Bitcoins you will receive in return and accept the Purchase.

If you want to sell you need to select this operation in the BTM, enter the amount in the currency you want to obtain and accept the sale. This operation generates a QR code to which the user must send the Cryptocurrency (within the time set to maintain the same exchange rate).

4– Stores and kiosks:

 Around the world is already existing many stores that are operating to buy and sell with cash or debit cards. These kiosks require to fill out a form with personal data and purchase, before sending voucher or redeemable gift card.

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